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Mojo Wristband Max Double holographic
7 inch Black - White

Price:  £35.00

Performance wristbands embedded with holographic technology - Mojo Dual Hologram Wristbands. The technology has been used by elite athletes for years. Through constant development, this technology is available for the rest of us.

The holographic discs used in Mojo Future Tech wristbands and animal patches are programmed to work with the body's natural frequencies, resulting to help you get the most out of yourself. Wearing Mojo holograms has been reported to help improve balance, strength, flexibility, energy and focus.

Mojo does not issue claims of being a cure-all, the technology at times wil not work for certain people, but there is plenty of feedback from people it has helped. With a wide range of ailments including joint and muscle pain, poor blood circulation, stress and a lack of endurance. The benefits from wearing Mojo wristbands are quite limitless as no two individual bodies are the same, the benefits received will be unique to each person.

The majority of 7" bands are ordered for older/teenage girls and women.

  • Name - The Mojo Max 7" Double holographic wristband
  • Construction - Silicone
  • Colour - Black/White
  • Size guide - 7" normally fits adult & youth females
  • Warranty - 3 Month Warranty


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