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About Mojowristbands

Mojo Future Tech (Mojo Future Technologies) products are programmed to help fine tune your body using a natural, drug free, non-transdermal method which makes use of naturally occurring frequencies within the wearer's body.

Mojo Future Tech achieves this by harnessing and embedding holographic technology in its Mojo wristbands and animal patches that has been widely used by elite athletes over the years. Now, this technology is available for you and your animals!

Mojo wristbands are available in 6, 7, 8 and 9 inch sizes and can be purchased in a variety of colours, please note that Mojo animal and equine patches are currently only available as a one coloured product. Both Mojo wristbands and animal patches are fully reversible and completely waterproof allowing you to make use of them in a variety of sports and activities.

While Mojo Future Tech single hologram bands are usually powerful enough to allow most people to experience a benefit, many people choose to "max their Mojo" by wearing one of the double hologram wristbands. Keep an eye on this site for new designs and colours.

Amazing Results - Chris Poplar

I have suffered nerve damage in my lower spine due to a complication of a prolapsed disc. my balance - strength & stamina had all been affected i could no longer enjoy my favorite hobbies - horse riding & motorcycling . i have been wearing a Mojo for about 4 weeks and the difference is totally breath taking . once again i can start to enjoy my hobbies and my resistance to fatigue has more than doubled. Not bad for a skeptic thinking its just a bit of plastic & tin foil - think again -- life changing in fact gave me my life back !!!

Horse Patches - Rita Young-Jones

My horse Digit is a 20yr old Irish X and a sensitive soul. I have put patches on his bridle and on his headcollar to wear all the time (not at Night)for the last 2 weeks and I rode him last night and he was a dream with most of the resistance I usually get gone. The Farrier came today and normally he would snatch his leg away and lose balance whilst being shod and today the Farrier had no trouble. (infact it was my farrier who recommended I try the patches)I so pleased with the results so far.

Back On Track - Nick Newton Williams

My father who is 82 has used a Mojo wristband for a year or so. I gave it to him for his leg which was giving him some problems. He remarked after a week or so how much better he felt. Recently I saw him walking through town limping and when I asked what the problem was he told me he had snapped his band and since his leg had been getting more stiff and painful. He now has a new one Mojo band and he is feeling more comfortable already. Fact!!

Disappearing Pain - Patricia Lyon

I was given a wristband for Christmas by my daughter. I have suffered for years from a tight hip muscle which overcompensates for a serious ankle injury some years ago. I have been sore and stiff in that area for years and have to take an anti-imflamatory if I exercise as the stiffness afterwards is chronically painful. Within 12 hours of wearing my band I felt a significant improvement and the following morning I just got out of bed instead of having to roll over carefully and get up slowly. I know I haven't got my band on if I feel a pinch in my hip but this is resolved quickly by putting my band back on. Absolutely delighted and am singing your praises wherever I go. Thanks a million. No idea how it works but it seems to for me :):)

Fantastic Service - Maggie Price

I purchased a Mojo approx. a year ago & recently had cause to contact the company. Once again, I have received outstanding service from Alex in Mid Glamorgan, so thank you very much for being so prompt & efficient! Since wearing my mojo, my golfers elbow (I don't play golf!) has completely gone in both elbows, not sure exactly how this works, but can't attribute it to anything other than my Mojo!

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