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Mojo Wristband Elite Double Holographic
8" Noir

Price:  £35.00

The Mojo Elite wristbands are a new style wristband, and contain two holograms, much like the Mojo Max and Mojo Raptor styles. The Mojo Elite Wristbands are available in 7" or 8", and in a wide range of different and vibrant colours.

The holograms within Mojo products are programmed with naturally occurring frequencies that complement the human energy field.

Mojo Future Tech wristbands are not about wild claims of being a cure-all, the technology won't work for everyone, but there is plenty of feedback from people it has helped. The benefit possibilities from wearing Mojo wristbands are endless because since no two bodies are alike, the benefits received are unique to each individual.

Regularly ordered for men.

The only difference between the Mojo Max, Raptor and Elite is the style of the wristband. All three have two holograms and have the same effects.

  • Name - The Mojo Elite 8" Double holographic wristband
  • Construction - Silicone
  • Colour - Black/Blue/Grey
  • Size guide - 8" normally fits adult males
  • Warranty - 6 Month Warranty

"I bought it to see if it would help the severe arthritis I have in both knees. Within a week the pain had reduced from a 7 to 3" - Dave in Devon

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