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Mojo Horse and Animal Patch with hook & loop

Price:  £40.00

Mojo Wristbands and patches are embedded with holographic technology that has been used by athletes and sports people for years. Luckily, this is now available for your horse, dog and  other pets!

The holographic discs used in Mojo products are programmed to work with your animal's naturally occurring frequencies. 


  • Name - Mojo equine and animal holographic patch set of 2
  • Construction - Silicone
  • Colour - Black/White
  • Mounting - The two eyelets facilitate fitting by way of hook & loop fixing (included)

Please place horse patches PRIOR to riding on to the HEADCOLLAR for a minimum of 1 hour, only then transfer to your bridle and ride.

On average best results are obtained by having on the headcollar for an hour first, but some horses can take considerably longer. The longer you can have MOJOs on the headcollar before transferring to the bridle, the better the results

We recommend a signed for service for postage as refunds cannot be issued for undelivered goods sent by standard delivery.

Approved stockists of Official Mojo Future Technologies

"There was no spooking, no spining, no rearing. She was more focused on what we were doing. Next test today the farrier was coming. She's not scared just very naughty rearing and spinning to the point where she gets dangerous. Today she just stood still for the whole time. Absolutely amazing." - Vikki from Cardiff

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