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Mojo Raptor 7" Dual Hologram

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Mojo Raptor 7 Inch Dual Hologram Wristband and Bracelet

Mojo Raptor 7 Inch Dual Hologram wristbands and bracelets come in a range of colours and are reversible and completely waterproof. This size of wristband is popular amongst women and female teenagers who are seeking increased physical performance or improved health.

While some people find single hologram bands powerful enough, many choose to wear the double hologram wristbands to "max their Mojo". Wearers of Mojo Raptor wristbands have reported that it may have helped to relieve joint and muscular pain, alleviate stress, boost energy levels and even reduce jetlag. As no two bodies are alike, the benefits experienced can differ from one individual to another, but elite athletes have been using this technology during their training and competition for years.

Wearers of the Mojo Raptor take part in a wide range of differing sports, from running and swimming through to surfing and motor sports.

How Do Mojo Raptor Wristbands Work?

Mojo Future Technology's energy products are based on the principle that magnets attract the iron in a wearer's blood, which in turn helps to increase blood flow thereby increasing oxygenation within the body. Increased oxygenation leads to improved performance especially in endurance sports where the body needs to retain more oxygen within red blood cells.

The use of magnet therapy has been well documented over many years. Studies carried out in the U.K. and U.S.A. produced evidence that suggests magnet therapy was effective in aiding a number of ailments including reducing hip and knee pain from arthritis. Users of Mojo Future Tech products have also reported improved range of motion in their joints.

The holographic discs used in these Mojo Raptor wristbands are programmed to work with your body's natural frequencies through natural meridian points to enhance your natural state. Wearing Mojo holographic wristbands may improve balance, strength, flexibility, energy and focus.

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