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Mojo Raptor 8" Dual Hologram

Mojo Max Wristbands

Mojo Wristband Raptor Double holographic | 8 inch White - Blue - Grey
8 inch White - Blue - Grey
Mojo Wristband Raptor Double holographic | 8 inch Red - White - Grey
8 inch Red - White - Grey
Mojo Wristband Raptor Double holographic | 8 inch Yellow - Black - Grey
8 inch Yellow - Black - Grey

Mojo Wristband Raptor Double holographic | 8 inch Orange - White - Black
8 inch Orange - White - Black

Mojo Raptor 8 Inch Dual Hologram Wristbands

Mojo Raptor 8 Inch Dual Hologram wristbands are great for male athletes and male teenagers who are seeking a healthier lifestyle or improved athletic performance. Our Raptor wristbands are reversible and completely waterproof. The 8 inch wristband is made from silicone and is available in a number of colours and designs to suit your personal taste.

The Raptor wristbands make use of dual holographic technology that when placed on your arm work with your body's natural frequencies. Wearers have reported increases in athletic performance across a number of sports including rugby, motor cycle racing, horse racing and tennis where improvements in stamina, endurance, recovery and flexibility have been reported.

Many people choose the Raptor Dual Hologram wristband over a single hologram wristband in order to "max their Mojo". Mojo wearers have also reported relief in joint and muscular pain and even a reduction in swelling when wearing their Mojo wristband. As no two bodies are identical the experience of individuals can differ, but elite athletes have been known to use this technology throughout their training and even whilst competing for many years.

How do Mojo Raptor Wristbands Work?

Mojo Raptor wristbands combine the traditional Chinese medicine of acupuncture and holographic energy technology in a revolutionary delivery system. For over 6000 years, various cultures have known that objects and natural sensations influence our daily lives and with revolutionary advances in holographic technology, in many cases we are able to capture these natural influences and create ways to store and retrieve information using holograms.

Raptor wristbands capitalise on magnet therapy. Magnet therapy has been the subject of clinical tests in both the U.K. and U.S.A. where evidence has been produced that suggests magnet therapy was effective in providing relief from a number of ailments such as hip and knee pain caused by arthritis.

However, Mojo Future Technology is not about wild claims of being a cure-all, the technology won't work for everyone, but there is plenty of feedback from people it has helped with a whole range of issues including joint and muscle pain, blood circulation, stress, endurance and jetlag to name just a few.

Buy your Mojo Raptor 8 Inch Wristband Online Today

You can buy your Mojo Raptor wristbands today using our user friendly, secure checkout system. We have a wide range of different sizes, colours and designs available to choose from. If you would like to hear more from other Mojo wristband wearers then visit our testimonials section or get in touch today.

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